Meeting minutes



APRIL 18, 2012, 6:00 – 7:30pm

Van Buren Apartments, 625 N. Van Buren 

Present were: President, Sandy Paris; Vice-President and Treasurer, Mary Martin; Secretary, Lou Bright; and 40 neighbors from both Mitman Neighborhood and Thunderbird Heights Neighborhood Associations. 

Reminder was made for all guests to sign in on the signup sheet being passed. 

1.    Ward 6: Steve Kozachik had another meeting and was unable to attend. Bonnie Medler, Ward 6 Council Aide, gave an overview of what is happening with Tucson City streets. $75,000 leftover funds from last year are now being used for pot holes repair. Median cleanup is now under way, also. Mayor Rothchild is in process of implementing his 180-Day Plan for improving city government. 

2.    Teresa Williams, Code Enforcement Administrator, Housing and Community Development. City of Tucson presented an outline of city codes. 

  • Political signs around the city will stay up until after elections in November. The State Legislature approved signs on private property and the city is not removing them; there is a city code against the signs but they will have to follow the state law.
  • Weeds need to be kept under six-inches.
  • Alleys and easements must be maintained and weeds kept under six-inches.
  • Property must be clear of trash.
  • Cars stored in the front yard must have a proper car cover and not tarps or cloth.
  • Storage in front of property is not allowed; the back yard cannot exceed 40% being used for storage.
  • Any building requires a permit including fencing, walls.
  • Buildings must be maintained including paint or a citation will be issued.
  • Dead trees must be removed.
  • Neglected and damaged property will be sited and possibly demolished.
  • Vandalism should be reported to the police/ dial 911.
  • Businesses cannot impact neighborhoods through storage; traffic; or parking large commercial vehicles.
  • Callers who register a complaint with the City Code Department will not be identified by code enforcement to anyone.
  • Inspection fee can be assessed to property owner for initial inspection if compliance is not forthcoming; then a fine or charges for clean up.
  • Easement/alley dumping responsibility for clean up falls on the owner.
  • A Brush and Bulky special pick up can be requested for a fee.
  • Transportation Department should be called for graffiti abatement in public right of way or can be seen from public right of way. They will not remove graffiti from private property which is responsibility of owner.
  • Dog barking complaints are handled by Police Department as a noise violation.
  • Call Pima Animal Control for mistreated animals. 

3.    Gabe Wigtil affiliated with Sierra Club/Grand Canyon Chapter, Rincon Group [Tucson] spoke about reducing plastic bag usage. The movie, “Bag it!” will be at The Loft Theatre on April 24th or April 27th, 7:00pm at the Catalina Methodist Church on Speedway. 

4.    David Bradley, new president for Thunderbird Heights Neighborhood spoke briefly on their happenings and thanked Mitman NA for including them. Suggestion was made to do this once a year with the two neighboring neighborhoods. Their previous president ‘retired’ after about 20 years on the board and the current treasurer will be moving so they have vacancies in some of the board positions. 

5.    Open discussion

A pedestrian/bike crossing at Rosewood and Craycroft is in the works; an additional traffic circle is slated to be installed at Jefferson and Rosewood.

Someone asked about non-political signs posted in our neighborhood. Lost pet signs seem one of the best ways to search but should be taken down by the person who put them up after a reasonable time.

Neighbors keep the traffic circles cleaned and picked up and should be free of signs and debris. 

Submitted by Lou Bright/Sandy Paris   April 26, 2012


April 18, 2012 Mitman Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda

Welcome everyone

Please sign in before leaving if you haven’t


6:00-6:10     Ward 6, Steve Kozachik and Bonnie Medler

6:15-7:00    Teresa Williams, Code Enforcement Administrator, Housing and Community Development, City of Tucson

7:00-7:05    Gabe Wigtil [Mitman neighbor] reduce plastic bags in the City

7:05-7:15    David Bradley, President Thunderbird Heights Neighborhood Association [our neighborhood to the east of Mitman] to talk briefly about  what’s happening in their neighborhood

7:15-7:16 Mary / treasurer/ join

7:16-7:30    Open discussion